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Intuitive Mapping

From intuition mapping, we come across the following:

  1. That we the UNILCO-Mexico team was not assaulted walking along the streets of La Estacion. A strip of beef was hung up on a cloth line. We hung up the Cloth Line of Wishes were participants on pieces of paper wrote down their desires for their community and hung them up on a cloth line. There were wishes to eat, to take children on walks to the ravines and to organizing the community into action. Fresvinda, staff at the Community Center says, “We no longer want informative workshops but to do things.”

  2. Men drinking and eating , children playing video games

  3. How meals are celebrated at the “project.” New arrivals are always invited to eat a taco or something else in this communal meal sharing time.

  4. Plants like the raspberry rose and the achichi for diarrhea and stomach aches

  5. Men playing dominos close to the center and the church, a semi-shaded space where one can find people doing different “activities,” that re-enforce a sense of community (??)

  6. Foreign volunteers from the Cuernavaca Center for Intercultural Dialog on Development (CCIDD) giving a hand in a construction project in one of the homes.

  7. Painted walls: a job done by the “Canadian” Gerardo volunteer group.

  8. A short beer break with the women from the “project.” Ah, how refreshing!

  9. The need for money.

  10. A book with an eye-catching front cover: Federal Government Opportunities about “works” on self-esteem: individual, collective and… communal?

How can we strengthen La Estacion´s communal self-esteem and self sufficiency?

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