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Resiliente Migrant Center

Eighty families work fields surrounding a migrant center in Southern Morelos, a converted warehouse where they live. They work in horrible conditions with tremendous sacrifice to keep their families alive.

The facility is an oasis of color and joy—a low-cost cafeteria named Resiliente. The vision of a student collective by the same name, Resiliente is a place workers are fed, but also a
place they can talk about their dreams. Resiliente strives to be totally inclusive, accessible, and sustainable. It practices fair, local trade; and crosses social, cultural, and economic divides.


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All the staff have intellectual or auditory disabilities. Resiliente
dreams of a world where we want to understand each other and where every voice is heard. As Deby Macedo, a founder of Resiliente, says: “Why does the person with auditory disability make all the effort to communicate? Why don’t we make the same effort?”

Here is a glimpse of the beautiful world we want: A young boy, Jesús, came into the café selling cookies. The staff was concerned for the boy, who they believed should be in school. Marco Santos, another
founder of the project, spoke to him and heard the family’s story: living in a train car, working at a bakery, and surviving on the sale of baked goods. Now, Jesús is the official cookie supplier for the café!

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