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Who we are

Sandy Forbes
Chair of the Board 

Advocate for international high school exchange students with American Field Service (AFS) in Chester, PA -- a global organization striving to build the foundations for peace in young people.  Analyst, teacher, native plant enthusiast, and strong supporter of women's rights.

Howard E. Friend Jr.
President Ex-Officio

An ordained Presbyterian minister; founder and lead consultant of the Parish Empowerment Network; teacher, spiritual mentor, speaker and author.

Erik Friend Drake
President and Executive Director

Originally from Northeastern US, Studied Business Administration at the Union Institute. Has been living in México since 1988, first working with automotive worker-owner cooperatives, and part-time with delegations of the Lutheran Church and since 2002 with Fundación Comunidad and a co-founder of ALEM in 2004.

David Funkhouser
Treasurer of the Board

An ordained Episcopal minister; beginning with Peace Corps volunteer service in Colombia, a lifelong engagement with Mexico, Central and South America.

Deedee Risher
Secretary of the Board

A Freelance journalist and author.

Linda Stevenson
Board member

Professor of International Relations, Latin American, and Women's Studies at West Chester University of Pennsylvania; has lived in Cuernavaca and Santiago, Chile; seeking to do justice and walk humbly with God

Laura Wilson
Board member

Jennifer Schlegel, PhD
Board member

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