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Our History

Wellspring Karitas Foundation was born in 1981, offering monitored apartment living, counseling, employment readiness training, companionship and support for young adults transitioning from residency in a mental health facility to fully independent living. Six residents at a given time, living in double occupancy apartment units.


Over the years the scope and mandate of our work expanded dramatically. Projects include or have included:

  • Student scholarships and school construction in Port au Prince, Haiti, bicycle repair and storage facility and ten kilometers of bike trails to and from the University of the Americas in Managua, Nicaragua; refurbished and shipped 1200 bikes.

  • An annual medical school scholarship for a student in Tanzania,

  • Sing One Song, a ministry of presence and re-building among victims of Hurricane Katrina in Biloxi, Mississippi,

  • Fielding a three-day Sandy Repair Team rebuilding homes for victims of Superstorm Sandy.

  • Assists a number of both foreign and U.S.-based projects with fund-raising, program development, staff training and strategic planning.

The primary focus of our work has become Cuernavaca, Mexico:

  • Primary financing, staffing and consulting for a pre-school (120 kids) and family center in LA ESTACION, a squatters’ settlement Cuernavaca, Mexico, serving 180 breakfasts each day.

  • Creating SAPECO, a micro-economic development project founding, encouraging and coaching the development of worker/owner cooperatives,

  • Founding and developing ALEM, a workshop where young adults with disabilities design and fabricate custom wheelchairs and offer much needed wheelchair repair service,

  • Launching an EDUCATION INITIATIVE in two struggling communities, working with students and families to discourage the typical age twelve drop out from school,

  • Initiating PARTNERING FOR EMPOWERMENT, working with communities to stir hope, focus vision, and work collaboratively for individual, family and community enhancement.

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