La Estación

Located in a defunct railroad yard, La Estación is one of the poorest neighborhoods in Cuernavaca, but also an area of rich and wonderful community and solidarity.  From modest beginnings twenty-five years ago, always in partnership with the community, Karitas now supports a pre-school, Mi Pequeño Universo of 150 children; built a two-story community center that is alive with gatherings and programs almost 24/7; empowers teams of mothers, who shop at the market at 4 a.m., and return to prepare a hearty breakfast for 180 kids; providing space for a number of micro-businesses to augment family income: such as silk-screening, moccasin and scarf making, preparing for sale organic lotions and shampoos, massage and gourmet baking;  and offering courses such as child care, nutritious low budget meal planning, promoting personal health, self-esteem, public speaking, relationship counseling, and family planning;  And a place to gather!