Education Initiative

In the United States the student drop-out issue for at risk students focuses on the transition from Middle to High School.  In Mexico many families have no precedent for continued schooling, the household budget needs the fresh income a child generates, and a majority of a twelve year olds are dropping out.


Our EDUCATION INITIATIVE: Choosing the Road Less Traveled is changing that.  After a year of diligent research, we designed an ambitious three-year pilot project working with twenty children ages ten to twelve.  Our plan is comprehensive, seeking to engage in a positive way all dimensions of each child’s life, The emphasis is on academics, but we focus as well on personal and relational development, enhancing self-image and high regard for others, claiming one’s own best future and working together for the enrichment of the community, growing psychologically and spiritually.


Caminando Unidos and La Jugarreta are our project partners. The good news is that the twenty students are thriving, and the best news is that they are “contagious,” creating a “good news epidemic.”  School teachers report that virtually all children is these communities are absent less, well-prepared with homework and participating more robustly in class.