Autonomía, Libertad En Movimiento)
(Autonomy, Freedom through Movement)

ALEM is an extraordinary story about an extraordinary circle of young men and women with disabilities. Through an unlikely, remarkable and truly wonderful story, fifteen young men and women, who identify themselves as having “different abilities” have become a production team who design and fabricate specialty wheelchairs and provide much-needed wheelchair repair service. 


With Rotary International grants they have purchased a 15-passenger lift van and outfitted a tool, equipment and supplies trailer, taking that repair service on the road.  They have developed three satellite locations within driving distance and are preparing a manual and training videos to coach repair services in other cities, even other countries!  Rotary International names four projects they support around the world – and ALEM was given that recognition.  And in this process, the ALEM team challenges peoples unexamined assumptions about what people with disabilities can and cannot do.