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Our  Primary Project Partners

Comunidad A.C., our project partner in Cuernavaca, is one of seventeen community foundations in Mexico. As a community foundation their role is to convene and coordinate the diverse sectors of civil society and government. They could be thought of as catalysts of unified action by drawing together sectors of society that usually do not communicate with each other in a collegial and collaborative fashion.

Often, they see the world from such different viewpoints making it difficult for them to understand each other. Comunidad becomes the interpreter that helps communication flow and facilitates constructive planning and carry-through of projects for the common good. Karitas and Comunidad have forged a wonderfully creative, dynamic and effective partnership.

The Comunidad Team
Ma. Isabel Hernández – Director
Jennifer Arias –  Program Coordinator
Nora Escalante – Administrative Coordinator
Miriam Miranda – Coordinator of communication and alliances.
Eshlliny Flores – Youth fund Specialist
Yotzelin Islas – Gender Equity fund Specialist
Manuel Hernández –  Administrative Assistant

ALEM is a Mexican non-profit organization that operates the Enchúlame la Silla (Jazz my Chair) wheelchair repair program. Additionally we work together on vocational training, inclusion and accessibility, promotion of a paradigm shift in relation to our perspectives about disability ad ability, public policy advocacy, etc.

The ALEM Team

Magdalena Solano – Executive Director
Liliana Martínez – Shop manager
Oswaldo Flores – Technical assistant and bus operator
Federico Espinoza – Day driver
Irene Martinez – Upholstery manager
Juan de Dios Valdez – Upholstery assistant
Daniel Espinoza – Tool specialist
Maria Guadalupe Montiel – Inventory manager
Vicente Serrano – Technician
Maria Isabel Nava – Technician
Roselina Roman – Technician and Welder
Diana Laura Espinoza – Technician

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